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Tioughnioga River


A small river that heads in Cortland County NY. It flows south through Cortland,
Marathon, Whitney Point, Itaska, and on to Chenango Forks.

The Tioughnioga River (footnote) ends at its confluence with the Chenango River
at Chenango Forks.
Section Difficulty Distance Time Scenery Page
Whitney Point to Chenago Forks 0 - 1 8.4 miles 3 hrs. good 47
Trip Description:

Rt. 79 follows the river on the east side from Whitney Point to it's confluence
at Chenango Forks. The river is quite flat here with only an occasional fastwater
section. From Whitney Point to Chenango Forks it's about 8 plus miles.

> Access:
In: The access for Tioughnioga River at Whitney Point is a little park just north
of the intersection of Rts. 26 and 11. Look for the park at the south west corner of
the bridge.
Access Map

Out: Out: Exit at the fishermen's access on the south east end of the Rt. 12 bridge
at Chenango Forks.
Access Map

Or exit at the NY fishermen's access on the Rt. 79 just north of the village of
Itaska for a shorter trip. Access Map

Hazards: None reported. Possible strainers on side channels.

Water Conditions: Runnable Spring to early Summer or Fall. Else after heavy rain.

Gauge: Gauge at Lisle should read about 1.5 - 2.0 ft.

5-20-2007 Guage at Itaska read 2.03 ft. and Lisle at 1.13 ft. some shallow spots.
Some paddlers got hung up in a few spots.

6-18-2007 Itaska gauge at 1.40; very bumpy!
6- -2008 Itaska gauge at ....
footnote: Tioughnioga River: (tei-uhf-nee-O-guh) Onondaga word (Te-ah-hah-hogue or
early form Te-yogh-a-go-ga) meaning "Shagbark Hickory"

Or perhaps better:
Tioughnioga (the river has a name which is but a larger form of Tioga refering
to the forks of a river). ... Which comes from the Indian word"Te-ah-hah-houge"
meaning "meeting place of trails and water at the same place."

(Aboriginal Place names of New York)

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