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Starrucca Creek


Starrucca Creek (footnote) is a small creek that drains an area in the Eastern
most section of Susquehanna and the Western most section of Wayne Countries
of Pennsylvania. Some distance east of New Milford, PA. The creek flows northward
to Stevens Point and then turns westward througn Brandt and ending at its confluence
with the Susquehanna River just north of Lanesboro (which is just north of Susquehanna
and Oakland, PA in the Great Bend area of the Susquehanna River -- okay just look at the map).

Section Difficulty Distance Time Scenery Page
Melrose to Lanesboro 3* 6 miles? 2 - 3 hrs.? rural 39
Trip Description:
Very interesting creek to paddle if you are lucky enough to catch it with good
water. Best paddle by experienced paddle with smaller white water boats. Not for
the novice or beginner.

In: You can access the creek in the Melrose PA area; you may need permission.
Access Map

Out: You can exit beneith the Starrucca viaduct; again with permission
Access Map

Hazards: strainers and sweepers are to be expected and at least one good ledge.

Water Conditions: Runnable early Spring or after heavy rain.

Gauge: None
footnote: Starrucca Creek:
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