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Snake Creek


Snake Creek (footnote) is a small creek that is the outlet of Lake Montrose just east
of Montrose in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania. Rt. 29 follows the creek north as
it exits PA and enters New York State at Conklin. The creek continues in New York State
long Rt. 7 entering the Susquehanna River in about a mile and a half.
Section Difficulty Distance Time Scenery Page
Franklin Forks to Corbitsville 2 - 3* 8 miles 2.5 hrs. rural 38
Trip Description:
You can paddle up from the river a short distance but unless there has been a heavy
rain you do not get very far. You can putin at a park that is right at the creek in
Franklin Forks and there is plenty of parking there. This is at the confluence of
Silver Creek and Snake Creek. Silver Creek is the outlet of Silver Lake and flows
through Salt Springs State Park. You will see signs for the State Park as you near
the putin for Snake Creek.

In: At Franklin Forks the township route T683 crosses the creek going east across
from the turnoff to Salt Springs State Park. You can access Snake Creek at Lawsville
Center in Liberty township at state road SR1022/Liberty Park Road. off Rt. 29; there
is a bridge there. Perhaps parking at a township park just east of the bridge, The park
is perhaps quarter of mile down the road. This putin is about 6 miles from the takeout.

Also at Shadow Brook Drive there is a bridge with parking; it's about 5 miles
from the takeout.
Access Map

Out: Takeout at the parking area just south of the junction on Rts. 7 and 7A in Corbitsville
(Conklin Township). Lots of parking at what once was a Post Office in a trailer. Or
you can continue down the Susquehanna river to a township park just pass the bridge
joining Kirkwood and Conklin in New York.
Access Map

Hazards: UNKNOWN - possible wire and strainers across the creek.

Water Conditions: Runnable early Spring or after heavy rain.

Gauge: None
Footnote: Snake Creek: I like to think its name comes from the fact that the creek has many curves
like a snake....

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