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Saltlick Creek


Saltlick Creek (footnote)is a small creek that heads in Susquehanna County in
northeastern Pennsylvania. It is the outlet of Page Lake. It flows northwest to New
Milford then north between Rt. 11 and Interstate 81; ending at Hallstead at its
confluence with the Susquehanna river.
Section Difficulty Distance Time Scenery Page
New Milford to Susq. River 2* 5 miles 2 hrs. rural 39
Trip Description:

The creek can be easily paddled up from the river a short distance until trees across the
creek block the creek. It is most likely worth doing at least once down from New Milford
if you enjoy paddling twisting little creeks.

In: You can access Saltlick Creek just north of New Milford at ..... Access Map

Out: At the southeast end of the bridge connecting Great Bend and Hallstead is a road to
the east at a very short distance (measured in feet) the creek enters the river. There is
a boat launch at this point,requires PA regs., else under the Rt 81 bridge few feet farther
down the road.
Access Map

Hazards: UNKNOWN -

Water Conditions: Runnable early Spring or after heavy rain.

Gauge: None
footnote: Saltlick: Relates to where Native Americians found various salt springs in the area?
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