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East Branch Owego Creek and Owego Creek


The East Branch of Owego Creek is a small creek that heads in Cortland County NY
and flows south through Richford, Berkshire, Newark Valley, and Flemingville, where
it joins the West Branch becoming Owego Creek. Owego Creek (footnote) joins Catatonk
Creek just north of Owego before ending at its confluence with the Susquehanna River
on the south west side of Owego.

Hazard: Possible barbed wire across the creek.

Section Difficulty Dist. Time Scenery Page
Newark Valley to Owego 2+* 13 miles 4 hrs good 47
Trip Description:

A fast trip at high water - with chutes and rapids -makes it a fun run for the experienced paddler.

In: At the bridge in Newark Valley.
Access Map

Out: Exit just before the Rt. 17C bridge at Marvin Park just past Topps and the
fair grounds on Rt. 17C.
Access Map

Hazards: Possible strainers, sweepers, and barbed wire across the creek.

Water Conditions: Runnable early Spring or after very heavy rain.

Gauge: The gauge at Owego Creek near Owego should read at least 2.5 ft.
footnote: Owego: Onondaga word meaning "Where the Valley widens"; Former Conoy, Nanticoke, Tutelo, and Shawnee Village located on Owego Creek, two miles upstream from the Susquehanna River. Also Owego was known to the Indians as Ah-Wah-Gah, which means either "swift river" or "where the river widens," the latter being the more probably. Ah-wa-ga "where the valley widen" is said to be an early name for Owego but is disputed (Aboriginal Place Names of New York) Back to top
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