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       Montrose lake is situated on the east side of the borough of Montrose. The lake 
       supplies the borough with fresh water. Boarding the south  west side of the 
       lake is an active golf course.

Section Difficulty Distance Time Scenery Page
Montrose Lake 0 n/a n/a poor 38
    Trip Description: 
     In: Rt. 29 passes through Montrose going north and south on the east side of the 
      borough. It passes on the west side of the lake where there is an access area to 
      the lake by the water treatment plant.

       Rt. 29 also passes though the golf course.

       Access Map
    Hazards: Watch out for wayward golf balls! On the south  west corner of the lake a 
      small part of the lake lies within the golf course. 

    Water Conditions: Open ice out to freeze up.
    Gauge: None
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