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Choconut Creek


A small creek that starts in Pennsylvania near Saint Joseph. Choconut Creek (footnote)
flows north into NY state through Vestal ending at its confluence with the Susquehanna River.
Section Difficulty Dist. Time Scenery Page
Juneberry Rd. to Front St. 3+* 3 miles ? 1 hour fair 47
Trip Description:

A fast trip at high water with numerous drops and small boulders make it a short but a fun
run for the experienced paddler. The entire trip is within the town of Vestal.

In: At the bridge on Juneberry Rd. off Glenwood Rd. Glenwood Rd is off Main St. just after
passing over the bridge by the Giant Supermarket going South.

Or better yet, you can access Juneberry Rd. by taking Sheedy Rd, to the west, off
Rt. 26. Sheedy Rd. blends with Juneberry Rd. just before the bridge. And yes Juneberry does
intersect Rt. 26 but it is not as straight forward.
Access Map

Out: Exit at the Front St. bridge. Note wide open area on river right under the bridge. A short
distance from its confluence. You will see the Rt. 434 bridge just down river from here.
Access Map

Best ice cream place:
The place to get ice cream is Pat Mitchell's Home Made Ice Cream.
Go East on Front St. to Main St. turn left, cross Rt. 434 and go straight across the green
bridge to the Rt. 17C light. While waiting at the light notice Pat's across 17C on the right
in the K-mart shopping area.

Places to eat in Vestal:
There are numerous places to eat along Rt. 434 East. If you are going West on Rt. 434 the Blue
Dolphin in Apalachin has good food at modest prices.

Hazards: Possible strainers, three wiers plus one low head dam which has a 3 - 4 ft. drop
onto a concrete apron. At flood stage low bridges are to low too pass under.
There are reports of deaths due to these bridges.

Water Conditions: Runnable early Spring or after very heavy rain.

Gauge: None
'Choconut' (or Chugnut): Choconut is a corruption of the Nanticoke workd Tschochnot
which means 'a place of Tamaracks' which relates to a small tribe of indians that
lived in a village of the same name. So don't look for Tarnaracks along Choconut Creek.

(Indian Villages and Place Names in Pennsylvania by Donehoo. Published by Gateway Press 1997)
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